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MLB Bonus Baby League Draft – First 15

The MLB Bonus Baby Dynasty League has kicked off its inaugural draft, and I thought I’d give an update on how it’s going. The players eligible for the draft are all 2009 draftees and international signees, plus any player that is a future draft-eligible player. International players that either haven’t signed yet or will be signing a Major League contract are not eligible. Therefore, there’s no Aroldis Chapman. I declared Wagner Mateo eligible, simply because he already did sign a contract, and he’ll be signing a definite one within a matter of days or weeks. Pushing him back to next year eligibility is not the right thing to do.

Knowing those rules, here’s how the first 15 picks have come out, with their current team and draft year at the end:

1. San Francisco Giants (via Washington Nationals) – Stephen Strasburg, RHP, Washington Nationals (2009)
2. Tampa Bay Rays (via Pittsburgh Pirates) – Bryce Harper, C, CC of Southern Nevada (2010)
3. Baltimore Orioles – Dustin Ackley, OF, Seattle Mariners (2009)
4. Kansas City Royals – Gerrit Cole, RHP, UCLA (2011)
5. Cleveland Indians – Aaron Crow, RHP, Kansas City Royals (2009)
6. Arizona Diamondbacks – Jameson Taillon, RHP, The Woodlands HS (TX) (2010)
7. New York Mets – Anthony Ranaudo, RHP, LSU (2010)
8. Houston Astros – Donavan Tate, OF, San Diego Padres (2009)
9. San Diego Padres – Matt Hobgood, RHP, Baltimore Orioles (2009)
10. Oakland Athletics – Anthony Rendon, 3B, Rice (2011)
11. Toronto Blue Jays – Tyler Matzek, LHP, Colorado Rockies (2009)
12. Cincinnati Reds – Jacob Turner, RHP, Detroit Tigers (2009)
13. Chicago White Sox – Christian Colon, SS, Cal State Fullerton (2010)
14. Milwaukee Brewers – Zack Wheeler, RHP, San Francisco Giants (2009)
15. Florida Marlins (via Chicago Cubs) – Tanner Scheppers, RHP, Texas Rangers (2009)


What are your early impressions?


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Dynasty League Prize

As an incentive to get more owners for the MLB Bonus Baby Dynasty League, I’ve decided to add a prize for the yearly winner.

The winner will get a free copy of John Sickels’ Baseball Prospect Book that’s released in the offseason after they win. You can read more about the book here, and John’s currently taking pre-orders for the 2010 book.

I’ll also be putting out a PDF version of a draft preview early next June before the draft, which will be selling for $9.99, and that will be a prize to the team that won the league the year before.

So, in total, the winner of the MLB Bonus Baby Dynasty League will get a free copy of Sickels’ prospect book and a free draft preview from myself, all for winning a free league. If you’re interested in signing up for the league, there are still teams open, and the official open teams list is up-to-date in a blog entry below. Go to the link at the top of this post, and then sign up, activate your account, and sign up for the league under the ‘League Sign Up’ tab.

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Open Dynasty Team Capsule – Yankees

In order to fill the spots to the MLB Bonus Baby dynasty league, I’m going to write what updates on what you get if you volunteer to be the owner of that team. First up is the Yankees, which are still open to be owned. Here’s what you get:

The Yankees have the distinct advantage of having some of the best free agents on the market. Because all players in the league that have six or more service years as defined by our constitution are declared free agents, this may seem like a disadvantage. However, with the rule that you can have one “franchise” player for 2010 at $10 million, the Yankee owner can retain their best free agent player, and also get a 15% discount on its bids to retain those Yankee free agents like A-Rod, Derek Jeter, CC Sabathia, and Mariano Rivera. If the Yankee owner fails to win those players, but offers at least an equal salary to what they got in 2009 according to Cot’s, then that owner gets compensation picks from our draft structure. As a result, the Yankee owner might come out with arguably the best farm system in our league once the draft is done, along with a fairly strong chance of winning the AL East in 2010. Great combination.

Here’s the core players to build around that are still shy of free agency:

2B Robinson Cano ($1.5M, 6th Year): Cano’s got a year before free agency, and the Yankee owner has the chance to either keep him as a force towards the division title in 2010, probably ending up with compensation in next year’s draft, or trading him away for valuable prospects to a contender. Good opportunity to sell high.
CF Melky Cabrera ($1.0M, 5th Year): Keep in mind that this is a 30-team league, so some players that aren’t as valuable in shallow leagues gain a good bit of value in this league. He carries with him a league-average OBP (one of our categories), a solid SLG (another category), barely strikes out (a category), steals a few bases (another category), and gets a fair number of XBH (our final category). Solid, solid player with eligibility in all three outfield spots and two years until free agency.
RF Nick Swisher ($1.5M, 6th Year): Same position as Cano, though Swisher is a big plus in the OBP, SLG, and XBH categories. Sell high or hold on to him for a run to the title.
SP Joba Chamberlain ($0.7M, 3rd Year): He’s your young starter with a chance to greatly improve upon a fairly disappointing 2009. Our categories for pitching are ERA, QS, SV, Holds, and SO, so he’s got the chance to be a plus in three categories.
RP Phil Hughes ($0.7M, 3rd Year): Could turn out to be better than Chamberlain if moved back to the rotation. These players will be the envy of the league.
OTHER PLAYERS: C Francisco Cervelli ($0.3M, 1st); CF Brett Gardner ($0.5M, 2nd); RF Xavier Nady ($1.5M, 6th); RP Alfredo Aceves ($0.5M, 2nd); RP David Robertson ($0.7M, 3rd); SP Chien-Ming Wang ($1.0M, 5th)

With a lot of cap room and a chance to rebuild upon a solid system with draft pick compensation, this team might grow into a powerhouse in the AL East for the next number of years with the right owner. All 2009 draftees and international signings go back into our draft pot for the first draft, but you inherit the rest of the farm system, including Jesus Montero and Austin Jackson.

Are you the right owner for the job? Click the link for the league above if you are, and sign up under ‘League Sign Up.’

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Dynasty League Openings

Here’s the link to the dynasty league again.

Using the signups on the league page and the comments below, here are the open teams. We’ll be doing our first amateur draft using the raw order for the 2010 draft, so yes, the Nationals are an appealing team to have.

Open (14 teams):

Blue Jays
White Sox

Leave a comment to sign up for a team or go to the link and click on ‘League Sign Up.’

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WWBA World Championship, Day One

Even though I’m unable to be in Jupiter this year, I’ll still be passing along updates on how things go down there through my contacts. For those who don’t know, the World Wood Bat Association championship each October is generally considered the best place to see all the best prep talent on fields at one time, and scouts flock to see the games by the dozens. Every team will be there, and pretty much every top prospect will be too, so that’s why this weekend is so important. Here’s a quick preview of day one:

There are 15 games today to start off the tournament, and there are plenty of notable names to track. The first notable 2010 name will be on the mound in the first round of games today at 3 eastern, with Daniel Palka, a lefty from South Carolina that’s committed to Clemson. He’s participating with the Carolina Cyclones, and he’s an interesting two-way player to watch, with his bat being pro quality, as well. Another 2010 name takes the mound half an hour later with the New Jersey Twins, and that’s Jordan Tabakman, the best arm in the New Jersey 2010 class as of now. He’s committed to North Carolina, and he could be part of the next wave of college names from New Jersey to explode in a major program, Anthony Ranaudo being that guy in this year’s college class. Also at 3:30, we’ll see British Columbia’s best arm in Steve McKinnon, a 6’4”/220 righty playing with Team British Columbia.

However, the best matchup of the night will definitely be a 5:30 match between the Ontario Blue Jays and the Royals Baseball Club, with Evan Grills facing Robbie Aviles. Those are two top 100 guys for the entire 2010 class, with Aviles having major helium right now. A dominating performance could really send him into possible first-round status, as he’s a cold-weather prospect who should thrive when given the opportunity to play more.

Other interesting names include 2011 prospect Dylan Bundy (Texas Scout Team Yankees) and John Magliozzi (East Cobb Baseball), another 2011 prospect who is from Massachusetts, but is committed to Florida.

Stay tuned.

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Dynasty League Link

Here’s the link to the MLB Bonus Baby Dynasty League.

Sign up under ‘League Sign Up,’ and include your name, age, fantasy experience, and contact info (e-mail, Yahoo IM). I’ll probably approve your application, and if you post which team you want, I’ll give it to you. Be sure to remind me if you were one of the ones that requested a team in the comments.

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MLB Bonus Baby Dynasty League

I’m starting a new dynasty league for readers of the blog. It will be 30 teams, free, and will have an extensive drafting system. The starting rosters will correspond roughly to real life, and I’m currently writing up a constitution. I’ll be posting the link later on either tonight or tomorrow.

Here is my question for you to answer in the comments if you’re interested.

What team do you want? I’ll reserve it for you now, and you’ll take control when you sign up later. The Rangers are taken (by me), but all 29 other teams are available. Sign up in the comments!

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Buy Low – The Draft and Fantasy Baseball

Since starting this blog, I haven’t had a lot of time to write about the draft as it relates to fantasy baseball. This isn’t because of some dislike for fantasy baseball, as I’m a huge fantasy baseball fan. I just haven’t had time to connect the draft and fantasy. The draft is usually only relevant for owners in deeper leagues, such as myself, however there is more interest lately in players that pay off in the long run in those leagues, so here’s some names you should remember. Buy them now while the price is low (in terms of trading or simply buying), before the chances are greater that they’re known by other owners. These are all 2009 draftees.

RHP Randy Henry (Baltimore, 4th): I’ve already written about his potential, and right now he’s an unknown entity to most. He could turn out to be better than first-rounder Matt Hobgood.
RHP Graham Stoneburner (Yankees, 14th): Nice arm and nice late sign. He’s of better quality than most realize.
OF Brett Nommensen (Rays, 8th): Plus hit tool with plus speed could be a good result. He would have gone higher had it not been for a hamate injury this spring.
RHP Ryan Buch (White Sox, 8th): I’ve long been a Buch supporter, and he could be a true shutdown reliever. Plus fastball and plus slider.
OF Jordan Henry (Cleveland, 7th): Another plus-plus combo, but Henry has a good eye at the plate, too, so I like his chances.

There’s just a few names in the AL for now. More to come later.

If you want to join my dynasty league, go here and fill out an application.

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Scouting Moves

I love it when scouting directors shuffle clubs, as it makes for interesting philosophical changes. Here’s the moves so far:

-Nationals’ scouting director Dana Brown was hired away by the Blue Jays to become a special assistant to the general manager.
-Braves’ scouting director Roy Clark has been hired to replace Brown in Washington as their scouting director.

More news will be coming.

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MLB Bonus Baby Forum

I’ve opened up a forum to make discussion easier than the commenting system on here. You can discuss whatever draft stuff you want to on there, and it’s much more discussion-friendly than this basic blog format. I’ll be on there frequently, so feel free to ask questions or whatever else you feel like doing. Registering to be a member on the board just takes a few seconds, and I’ll be sure to post some interesting tidbits that are of a smaller nature than my normal blog posts just for the users on there, so that gives you an incentive to join.

Here’s the link.

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