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This is a new type of entry that will just be some pieces of information that I’ve gotten, mostly just some scouting rumblings about trends on players.

The first entry is obviously not about new information from the past month or so, but just trends that have evolved since the summer showcases. This newer info shapes follow lists for the coming scouting season, so just keep these in mind when looking at players.

Justin O’Conner has indeed been working on a possible full-time transition from shortstop to catcher, and a successful transition would vault O’Conner’s stock into the mid first-round range. He’s got the tools for it, but so do other big prep catching busts, so nothing’s certain yet.
-O’Conner’s catching stock may be going up, but less scouts are sure of Stefan Sabol’s future behind the plate. There’s a good possibility that teams won’t even be looking at Sabol as a catcher anymore, as there’s a strong possibility he’ll be an outfielder in the long-run. O’Conner’s transition will greatly impact Sabol’s future, since a successful transition for O’Conner would likely tank Sabol’s stock, as he’d no longer be in consideration for the top prep catching spot.
Yordy Cabrera probably won’t be drafted with shortstop in mind for his long-term future. That probably doesn’t come as a shock to most people, but I’m finding less and less scouts that want to even give Cabrera a long look at the position, with third base or the outfield being the possible destinations. I like Cabrera’s chances at the hot corner.
-I think we’re all well-versed in the James Paxton situation by now, but I just wanted to touch on it quickly. There’s a lot more volatility in what might happen between now and February 19 (Kentucky’s opener), and more prospects than Paxton have roles on that team that are on the line. The Wildcats carry four highly-scouted pitchers including Paxton, with Alex Meyer, Logan Darnell, and Braden Kapteyn all having their possible roles undefined in the event of a Paxton suspension. Darnell’s the only 2010 pitcher in the bunch, but this sort of fluidity has a big impact on a team.
-One name that I keep hearing is that of Dylan Covey. When I did my first 2010 mock, Covey was clearly behind the triumvirate of Taillon, Cole, and Whitson, but many scouts I’ve talked to now prefer Covey to Whitson, and Covey offers a little less projection, but a tad more polish than Cole, leading some to wonder if Covey if this year’s Matt Hobgood. I don’t have a big enough handle on it yet, but I get the feeling that Covey could explode with a big spring, and his upside is better than Hobgood’s.
-Guys with sinking draft stock currently include Kris Bryant, Yasmani Grandal, Drew Pomeranz, and Kevin Keyes. Keyes was never in the class of the other names here, but with his weight balloon and shift to first base, he’s lost a lot of scouting value.

These are just a few bits of information that I wanted to share before I get to work on some more 2010 pieces. The draft order is getting a little more settled, and when Jason Bay’s deal is official, Matt Holliday’s finally made his decision, which looks more and more like a return to St. Louis, and Jose Valverde has signed, the 2010 first-round draft order will be in place.

At that point, I’ll release my updated 2010 mock, which will be more accurate to current scouting profiles.

Hope you and yours had a great holiday season.


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  1. I love to read posts like this.

    Any insight on the reasons for Kris Bryant, Yasmani Grandal, and Drew Pomeranz,dropping?

    I’m particularly interested in Pomeranz.

    Comment by P. | January 5, 2010 | Reply

    • For Pomeranz, there’s legitimate concern about his throwing motion. With Chris Sale’s emergence over the summer, I’ve gotten the feeling that less scouts would be willing to take a risk on Pomeranz and that motion.

      Bryant and Grandal both have doubts about the bats. Bryant needs to show he can hit with wood.

      Comment by andyseiler | January 5, 2010 | Reply

  2. Agreed, It’s great to have new material.

    Comment by Jeff | January 5, 2010 | Reply

  3. Thanks for the round-up, Andy. All of those were of interest to me. As someone who’s been talking up Covey since the Aflac Game, it’s good to hear that the scouting community is ratifying that. I’ve had him right with, or just behind, Cole and Taillon as well.

    Comment by blackout | January 12, 2010 | Reply

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