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I know I’m getting a lot of fresh eyes on here lately because of the draft previews, and I just wanted to do a quick overview of what we offer here.

First, your best resources for learning what we do here are the columns to the right of the entries.

The 2010 MLB Draft Notebook is a $9.99 PDF product that will be a go-to resource for knowing players that are available in the draft this year. It will include over 750 writeups on individual players. To read more about it, click here.

If you’re interested in pre-ordering it, you can do so here. The advantages of pre-ordering are that you’ll likely receive your copy a few days early and that you’ll be invited to an exclusive all questions answered chat the week before the draft.

If you’re new to scouting terms and are wondering about a few of the things I talk about in entries here, try reading the scouting glossary. I’ll be updating it with new terms as we go along. It’s a good resource if you’re not sure of what I’m saying when I say a guy has a 55 arm.

In terms of actual content, most of you have come to this site through my team-by-team draft previews, which are another feature in the MLB Draft Notebook. They’ll be freshly updated in late May and added to the Notebook then. As for now, you can see the schedule for team-by-team draft preview releases, as well as links to ones already published when you click here. That’s where most of the content will be for the next five weeks, though weekend columns such as the scouting glossary will be coming every weekend.

Look around, and welcome to MLB Bonus Baby!


February 9, 2010 - Posted by | News and Notes

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