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ChipIn Update and Taillon Special

On the blog’s ChipIn page, we’re now up to $70 in donations. Thanks for your generosity!

On another note, there are currently 14 spots left for the Jameson Taillon special. Pre-order the 2010 MLB Draft Notebook now to be entered in a drawing to win an autographed Jameson Taillon baseball.

If you want to check out the MLB Draft Notebook excerpts I’ve posted, here’s the list so far:

Dixon Anderson
Tony Amezcua
Jesse Biddle
Zach Alvord
Eric Arce
Chad Bettis
Ryan Bolden

I’m trying to stick to more well-known names for the excerpts right now. I’ve written 67 reports so far, which is right on schedule for what I wanted. I’m planning on having the first 150 done by the end of this month, then all the preliminary reports done by the end of March.

I’ll start adding and subtracting names at the beginning of April, and I’ll start polishing the final forms of the writeups in May. Stats will be current as of June 1 for college players in the final form.

Hope this helps you know a little bit more about what you’re getting.

Thanks for reading and the generosity you’ve shown towards me so far this year.


February 22, 2010 - Posted by | MLB Draft Notebook

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