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Community Prospect #4

Eric Hosmer won the title of #3 prospect by a fairly wide margin. Vote for the #4 prospect, and grade Hosmer as a prospect below.


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Community Prospect #3

Mike Moustakas won the title of #2 prospect in my system by a slim margin on the league board, since it was a tie on here. Grade him as a prospect at the bottom of this post.

Here’s the voting for community prospect #3:


Here’s where you grade Mike Moustakas:

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Community Prospect #2

With Gerrit Cole coming in at #1, this post consists of picking the second community prospect from my list, as well as grading out Cole along John Sickels’ grading system.

Vote here for the #2 prospect:

And here’s the Cole ranking:

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Community Prospect List

Using the poll below, the #1 prospect in my system, with over 50 percent of the vote, is Gerrit Cole of UCLA.

I’ll be updating this list as I go along with the polls:

1. Gerrit Cole, RHP, UCLA

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Rank My Prospects

I’m currently involved in another dynasty league that is pretty much identical in nature to the MLB Bonus Baby League. After lots of trades and draft picks, my system has come out to be very, very strong, and there’s a lot of drafting left to do. I own the Royals, and I turned my best ten players, including prospects, into 43 extra draft picks and a prospect, and I’m building the system now.

For now, I’m going to go through a fun, short ranking of the players, using your votes as my rankings. Here’s the first vote, and I own all these players:

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Buy Low – The Draft and Fantasy Baseball

Since starting this blog, I haven’t had a lot of time to write about the draft as it relates to fantasy baseball. This isn’t because of some dislike for fantasy baseball, as I’m a huge fantasy baseball fan. I just haven’t had time to connect the draft and fantasy. The draft is usually only relevant for owners in deeper leagues, such as myself, however there is more interest lately in players that pay off in the long run in those leagues, so here’s some names you should remember. Buy them now while the price is low (in terms of trading or simply buying), before the chances are greater that they’re known by other owners. These are all 2009 draftees.

RHP Randy Henry (Baltimore, 4th): I’ve already written about his potential, and right now he’s an unknown entity to most. He could turn out to be better than first-rounder Matt Hobgood.
RHP Graham Stoneburner (Yankees, 14th): Nice arm and nice late sign. He’s of better quality than most realize.
OF Brett Nommensen (Rays, 8th): Plus hit tool with plus speed could be a good result. He would have gone higher had it not been for a hamate injury this spring.
RHP Ryan Buch (White Sox, 8th): I’ve long been a Buch supporter, and he could be a true shutdown reliever. Plus fastball and plus slider.
OF Jordan Henry (Cleveland, 7th): Another plus-plus combo, but Henry has a good eye at the plate, too, so I like his chances.

There’s just a few names in the AL for now. More to come later.

If you want to join my dynasty league, go here and fill out an application.

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