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Game Writeup Coming

I caught the first game of a doubleheader between Middle Georgia JC and Georgia Perimeter JC on Saturday, and I have a writeup coming tonight.

Reggie Williams really impressed with the bat, but was raw in other phases of the game, so that gives you something to look forward to in the writeup. LeAndre Davis didn’t play, mainly because his offense has been awful most of the year, and scouting reports I’ve been given match the numbers. He’s been a big disappoint, but he’s only a freshman, and I expect him to turn out to be pretty good next year.

Hope you guys have had a solid weekend, and stock up/stock down pieces will be coming at you this week.


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Seeking Suggestions

Sorry for the lack of a post yesterday. It has just been one of those weeks so far.

This post is a call for any suggestions you might have for draft coverage. I’m open to doing pretty much anything if it’s within the realm of drafting.

I’m going to have another book review up this weekend, this one on John Schuerholz’ Built to Win. That’s pretty much the only definite piece I have for this week, so if you want to see anything in particular, I’m willing to try it.

I’m in the middle of a study on re-drafts, the point being to see which teams draft players that turn into top prospects later on, getting re-drafted higher than they were drafted out of high school. I’m also putting together something about how draft position out of high school affects draft position out of college, and also the economics behind the decisions made there. It’s a lot of data entry and interviewing, but it should be a really good study once it’s done. I hope to really put together something definitive on a subject that’s only talked about in generalities.

It’s obvious that someone like a Matt Purke will have trouble finding a bonus amount that equals his best offer out of high school, but what about those players drafted in the 17th round who turned down $200K to sign? What are your chances of getting that much and more, along with inflation, your savings in college, etc.? See how many variables can be involved? It’s not as easy a decision as it can be made out to be.

That’s what is going on around here, in addition to report writing.

Post your suggestions in the comments, and I’ll get started on them for tomorrow.

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Writing Reports

I decided to take this weekend off from games so I can write reports for the MLB Draft Notebook. I’m getting close to having all the preliminary reports done, so I’m pretty much on schedule.

Tomorrow’s entry, my weekend column, will be a book review of Bill Shanks’ Scout’s Honor, a book about the Braves’ scouting and player development departments. It’s one of the better books out there about drafting and developing when it comes to one team’s philosophy, so I generally recommend it, though those of you that heavily favor statistical analysis might be offended by his writing at some points. He wrote it soon after Moneyball came out, so he’s quite defensive about scouting.

I hope you guys have a nice, relaxing weekend, and I’ll pop in a few times throughout to write a few things about my observations from the weekend without going to games.

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Chevez Clarke Updates

I’m headed out to see Chevez Clarke, a potential first round prep outfielder from Marietta High School just outside of Atlanta.

If you want to keep up with me during the game, follow me on Twitter as I provide live updates.

You can ask questions about the players I’ve seen, too, so ask away and I’ll get around to it between innings.

Writeups on Clarke and Ralston Cash will hit sometime late tonight.

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Exciting News

I have an exciting announcement to make on the status of the upcoming new look to MLBBonusBaby.

I’ve agreed to join SB Nation, a nationwide network of sports blogs, as their manager for a new MLB Draft blog. The contract is signed, and the final touches are being made for an upcoming launch that should happen pretty soon.

The other good news is that you don’t have to bookmark a new site, as the web address will stay the same. The content will be the same stuff you’ve grown accustomed to, with the added benefits of being on a user-friendly platform. If you don’t know what SB Nation sites look like, check out MinorLeagueBall. One account serves all the SB Nation sites, and commenting is easy both at home and on the go with mobile commenting and mobile formats for the blogs.

I’ve held off debuting much of the video I’ve collected so far so that I can make it a bigger part of the new look, as managing an SB Nation blog is also much more user-friendly and high-tech.

I’m not going to announce an official launch date, because one day you’ll simply show up and it will be a completely different look. No change in web address or change in author and content. Just a pure upgrade.

As a sneak peak, here’s a look at the MLBBonusBaby logo. Sit back and enjoy the ride.

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Weekend Schedule

Just in case you’re not aware, here’s a quick look at my schedule for the weekend.

Today, I’m catching Deck McGuire for the last time in what will be over a month between sightings, as my next scheduled appearance at a Georgia Tech game won’t be until Clemson comes to town on April 16. That’s both deliberate and accidental, as Tech is out of town until a series against Duke in early April, and I also want to rest my eyes from seeing McGuire too much. Sometimes you can become numb to the talent a player has, and you start to pick apart the flaws. I want to compare him to more players before I start really doing that. As usual, I’ll have a game report up late tomorrow night on McGuire’s start and the other action around the game.

Tomorrow I’ll be in Marietta, Georgia to see Chevez Clarke for a doubleheader against fairly weak competition. I’m particularly excited to see Clarke, as I’ve heard good things in some conversations with scouts at games over the past week or so. One crosschecker in particular said he was surprised at how well Clarke was seeing the ball, and with his general play and energy, a stark contrast to his summer and fall performances, where the talent was there, but his hitting was the big question. He’s putting on some shows lately, so we’ll see how he plays in front of me. I want to see how his switch-hitting has progressed, but there’s no guarantee I’ll see him against a lefty. We’ll just have to wait and see. I’ll have a report up late tomorrow night on his performance.

I’ll probably head up to Athens next weekend to take in at least the Friday game between Georgia and Auburn in the opening weekend of SEC play, but I might push that off until Saturday. I’m not going to both games, as I have to pay for tickets there (which are stupidly expensive for a college program), and I’d like to see senior Jeff Walters pitch for Georgia, and I’m more interested in the Auburn hitters than their pitchers, so seeing their Friday starter isn’t a big deal.

Whichever way I decide, I’ll be catching a prep game in the weekend, too. I really want to get down to see Cam Bedrosian since his start was rained out this week, so I might form my schedule to fit his. Deandre Smelter and Kaleb Cowart are on the short list, too, though I want to catch Cowart when he’s pitching. I already know the defense at third should be solid, so to see him both pitch and hit is important.

Just as a side note, when I was watching Andrew Smith the other night, bad news about Jake Skole started being whispered around, and it was related to an MRI he had on his ankle, the reason I didn’t go out to see him last weekend. He’s going to miss a chunk of time, and I’m going to nail down the real injury and MRI results some time this weekend.

Hope you guys have a great weekend and enjoy the coverage of the third McGuire start I’ve taken in this spring.

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Posting Schedule

Due to the higher volume of scouting I’m doing this week, I’m pushing back the remaining five draft previews to next week. That will fill up that week, and I’ll post a new mock draft the following Monday after that, which is exactly when I wanted to do my newest mock.

Hope you guys are enjoying the in-person coverage, and look for a new look to MLB Bonus Baby soon!

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Today’s Schedule

I’ll be starting to use Twitter sometime around 11 this morning as I take in another day of batting practice before the Georgia Tech-Rutgers game. It should be warm enough, and I should be in the sun enough, to be able to live Tweet through that whole game, and my main target is Brandon Cumpton, though I’m paying close attention to Jaren Matthews, to see if I see anything I didn’t yesterday.

After that game, which should be done around 3:30, I’m driving a little over half an hour to Blessed Trinity Catholic High School out in Woodstock, Georgia, to see Blessed Trinity against Woodland High School. That game will feature three solid prospects, two of them in the 2010 draft. Jake Skole is the main event for the day, and he’s a possible first-day pick, and Alex Cruz is a big-bodied shortstop that will likely have to switch to third base, probably even as soon as college. He’s committed to Georgia Tech, and while I saw him in the fall, I’m interested to see if he has improved. The other prospect is also from Blessed Trinity, and it’s 2012 prospect Rock Rucker, a 6’4”/200 sophomore outfielder who is lefty all the way. He should be a very good 2012 follow, and he’ll have a chance to hit his way into the first round then. He’s also a very good pitcher, and I haven’t even asked about their pitching schedule, so I might be pleasantly surprised.

The odds that I Tweet through the second game are low, as the weather will be getting down to the 40s quickly in that game. I’ll probably be wearing gloves with hand warmers in them so I can even write anything. When I get into the car afterward, though, I’ll let you know some quick thoughts.

It will be late tonight before any game reports will be up, as I have to drive to the Georgia mountains and back, but I should have the Tech writeup up at about 11. The Blessed Trinity report will probably wait until tomorrow.

I’ll be in Cochran, Georgia for Sunday’s game between Middle Georgia JC and Lincoln Trail JC (IL), so enjoy your Saturday of baseball.

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Weekly Chat Tomorrow at 2 Eastern

Hey guys, this week’s chat will be tomorrow at 2 eastern.

You can set up a reminder or just go to the chat link when the time comes if you visit here.

I’ll also be on with an hour before that, so tune in there, too.

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Quick Scheduling Note

If you haven’t noticed already, my weekly chat, which is usually Wednesdays at noon, has been postponed. The new date and time is Friday at 2 eastern. I’ll be answering questions for 90 minutes to 2 hours again.

Also on Friday, I’ll be on with at 1 eastern. They’re a fairly new site that’s been making the rounds interviewing writers from all across baseball, and I’m going to be doing about a half hour on the draft as the season is getting started. Check out the interviews there in the meantime, and I’ll provide you with the link to the archived video after it’s been posted there, too.

The Oakland draft preview is coming tomorrow morning, with the Mets coming Friday.

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